February 10, 2016



Publishers Weekly says:

“In the savage desert of the planet Gabriel, society is divided between plague-ridden scavengers dying in droves and their Curador overlords, a select few living inside a hermetically sealed dome. Leica, an exiled orphan whose six-fingered mutation means she is considered to be “corrupted” by sin, stumbles upon the remains of a shuttle that could mean a way back to Earth. After plague kills her work crew, she seeks refuge in the Curadors’ dome, but in order to gain entry she is forced to become a concubine to a mysterious young Curador, Edison.

In a twisted exploration of atonement and survival, Etienne (Harbinger) draws inspiration from a lesser-known Grimm’s fairy tale, “Fitcher’s Bird,” preserving that story’s bloody moments in scenes that include a throat slit in a mercy killing or the discovery of “little skeletons tucked into bed.” Genetic tests fuse animal and machine; Curadores regard women as incubators, pets, or property; allies sometimes prove to be monsters; and lust is one of many complicated emotions to be negotiated. The world of Gabriel is dismal but beautifully rendered by Etienne in stark, terrifying detail.”

Kirkus Reviews says:

“Through adversity and new alliances, Leica emerges as a compelling, body-positive heroine of color who capitalizes on her strengths and celebrates diversity. Etienne delivers a dystopian tale that deftly dissects stories—fairy tales, religious creation myths, political conspiracies—and develops a richly layered world drawn from such disparate cultures as Korean and Mexican.

An ambitious, action-filled adventure that chronicles one girl’s rebellion and the world-shaking revelations that follow.”