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Today the first Harbinger extras are revealed! 24 incredible illustrators and artists have created Harbinger-inspired artwork to give you a taste of Faye’s world (and to generally rub it in that they’ve all read Harbinger and you haven’t!)

Follow the Path! Each week, on the Holbrook Academy website, one picture will unlock, and a new picture will go up under lock and key. Each new piece will stay under password protection for a week and then go public. I’ll be announcing the location of the password here, on the Holbrook Academy Facebook page , and on twitter: @HolbrookAcademy, @wilsonetienne.

This week’s password can be found on The Compulsive Reader. And while you’re there, don’t forget to enter to win an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of Harbinger!

Once a picture goes public, I’ll be interviewing the artist about their illustration and their life as an artist. To kick off the Harbinger reveals, we have an amazing depiction of Faye and all the characters at Holbrook by Jason Puliti. Thanks, Jason for giving everyone such a great introduction to my book!


SWE: Hi Jason, can you tell me a little about the Harbinger piece you created and why you chose to do a group shot?

Holbrook Family Five by Jason Puliti


Jason: Well…I told you that I wanted the first ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) so I could make the first fan art for the book. Which, you said, gave you the idea of this slow release, unlockable art idea from multiple artists. When you informed me that I would be the first artist for that first reveal I felt an obligation to provide a proper introduction to your characters and world to prospective readers.

So instead of an actual scene from the book I came up with the idea for a sort of “class photo” that would gather all of the main characters together in front of the central building and landscape. I admit that I kind of borrowed the idea from “Battle Royale.”

SWE: And why wouldn’t you borrow it… cause Battle Royale is AMAZING. I will totally admit that I dressed up as one of the Battle Royale students one year. Here I am, devouring my latest victim.

Well, you did an amazing job with the characters. Faye and Kel and the rest of Family Five look very much how I pictured them in my own mind. But more than that, you managed to capture the whole tone of this somewhat broken world. Talk about black clouds gathering!

Just out of curiosity… who was your favorite character to draw?

Jason: Umm, well the most fun to actually draw was probably Freddy, with all of his deformation and scarring.  I didn’t quite get his eyes right though, which is a bit disappointing.  The one I’m most satisfied with though is definitely Kel.  He came out exactly as I imagined he would and judging by your casting for the book trailer, I’m guessing he was pretty close to your vision too.  Though I’m really pleased with Dragon’s tattoos.

SWE: So what would you say is your favorite kids/YA book?

Jason: I don’t have a lot of experience with YA novels really. Yours? Is that pandering? I don’t care, it rocked my socks so I’m gonna’ be shameless about it. As for kid…um, there was this series of books I read in a middle school I went to for one year. They were about these young siblings that lived in a boxcar, without parents or supervision, during the great depression. I can’t remember a single story but I know I loved the hell of them, read the whole series, and wrote a book report on one of them. Can’t think of what they were called for the life of me. I just called them “the Boxcar books”. “Boxcar” might have been in the title somewhere….”Harbinger”.

SWE: Right… The Boxcar Children. It’s a complicated title so I can see why you forgot it. *ahem* I remember liking them as a kid, too. But I got distracted somewhere around the third book. Oooooo… shiny. Clearly you are more patient than me.

And thanks for your lovely words about Harbinger. *blush*

When did you first think about becoming an artist?

Jason: As a young child, maybe age six. I loved drawing and was constantly scribbling with my crayons. I remember a specific evening around that time thinking that chicks really dig artists. However, as I got older my drawings became more and more detailed and took progressively longer to complete.  At some point around middle school I just stopped altogether, eventually picking it up again with a vengeance during my senior year in high school to get into an art college.  However I ultimately switched majors to film about halfway through and have pretty much regretted it since graduation.

SWE: But clearly you still are actively drawing and painting and creating amazing art! What keeps you coming back to it?

Jason: Yeah, I don’t do it for a job but when I do it for myself or friends I’d probably say the best part is watching it all come together at the end. Most times I hate the thing until the very end when it usually makes a turn and stops completely sucking.

SWE: Yeah, I hear that. With writing and revision it’s the same kind of thing. Doesn’t seem like it’s working until suddenly it is.

So if you don’t do it as a “job,” what do you do?

Jason: I move lights around on an hour long, episodic TV show. It’s okay. The people are real nice like and it pays well but the hours are atrocious.

SWE: Okay here’s a hard question…orangutans or squids?

Jason: Squids. Duh. Maybe if it was a spider monkey it’d have a shot, or one of those tiny finger monkeys. Hot damn those are cute. Orangutans? Pffff.

SWE: Maybe a little like this one???

Jason: No, you’re doing it wrong.  Like this…

SWE: Now you’ve done an incredible job kicking off this 4-month long Harbinger Art Extravaganza, what are you working on now?

Jason: I’m working on that show of course. Now that your piece is finally done I have a beer label I’m making for a friend’s home brewery featuring their cat, Professor Octavius Mittens, and a poster for a co-worker dressed as Poseidon with another co-worker done up as a mer-man wrapped around his leg all Frazetta style. Once I clear that plate I have a comic that I’ve been working on that I’m going to dedicate my free time to. No more free crap for friends. This is the end of the line. It’s me time, baby. MEEEEEEE!  No offense of course.

SWE: None taken… clearly your friends are TOTALLY taking advantage of you! I mean….

Okay, last question and this one is VERY important, so take your time. Wonder Woman or Supergirl?

Jason: I’m not really up on my superheroes, ladylike or otherwise. I remember kind of liking that “Supergirl” movie when I was a kid but I’m gonna’ go with Wonder Woman…and not just because I know you think she’s the best ever. It’s the invisible jet. What a crazy concept. Seriously, there are so many toggles and switches in a cockpit. She just has to memorize the locations and positions of all of them and eyeball things like speed and altitude…the hell? I mean, I get it if she were invisible INSIDE the jet but without that, the whole thing seems so completely pointless, nay, willfully dangerous. That takes serious brainpower and just SUUUUUUPER balls, so she wins for that alone. I honestly can’t remember Supergirl’s deal at all. I think last I read she was some sort of clone or shape shifting alien or something. Oh wait, DC just threw all of that away didn’t they? Cripes, who knows now. So, yeah…Wonder Woman.

SWE: Good choice.

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