Happy Surprises and Covers!!

Some of the best parts about getting your first book published are the surprises. The out-of-the blue, WOW, amazing stuff that you never even dreamed about cause you couldn’t even imagine it happening.

Like: AMAZING blurbs by awe-inspiring authors… Tamora Pierce and Lisa McMann.

Like: Getting an author profile on Goodreads that posts your blog RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE. (If you’re reading this on Goodreads, then that’s very meta:)

Like: This incredible cover for Harbinger. When my editor, the phenomenal Stacey Barney, asked me what I imagined for the cover, I said that I’d love something that had a striking central image and continued to draw you into the story as you looked closer. But that I didn’t want to get too specific, because the artists could clearly dream up something much better than I ever could.

That was truer than I could have imagined. The artists and designers at Putnam made this stunning cover that takes my breath away every time I look at it.  And there’s still more to come. This is the cover that will be on all the Advanced Reader Copies… but on the final cover, the border will have line art specific to my story!

*sigh* I’m completely in love!

So thank you Stacey and everyone at Putnam that has made this an amazing publishing adventure so far. I feel incredibly fortunate.

As Dr. Who says… Allons-y!

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