1000 Books!!!

Hooray! On the last day of 2007, I reached my goal of reading 1000 picture books in 100 days. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my writing. I have a new understanding of picture books that I’m already putting to good use and much fun.

I kept track of all the books on LibraryThing. You can sort the entries by any category, author, ratings, or, most handy of all, publisher. I’m excited about using it to see what publishing houses are publishing what sort of books. I hope you find the list useful as well.

1-08-final-book-read-aloud.jpgTo celebrate in the right way, I finished the Great Picture Book Read of ’07 by reading 2 of my favorite classics to the people who read me my first picture books. My parents.

1-08-rapt-audience.jpgHere I am reading my final books, Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to my rapt audience.

Many thanks to Linda Sue Park, who suggested at this summer’s SCBWI conference that reading this many picture books was essential to writing one yourself. She is a great writer and one smart woman. Happy New Year, Everyone!

4 thoughts on “1000 Books!!!

  • that’s so awesome! i am super proud of you for making it through all 1000 in 100 days! quite an acheivement, and i’m sure you’re already reaping the benefits :) congratulations!

  • Hurray for Sara!
    That’s amazing – and it proves that ambitious plans yield impressive results!
    I’m super proud of you!
    1000 picture books in 100 days…


  • Wow, that is SO inspiring… congratulations on achieving your goal!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    :D Monique

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