Take a look at the countdown at the top of this page… 100 DAYS TILL HARBINGER, BABY!

And we’re gonna live it up… with 4 months worth of Harbinger extras!

24 incredible illustrators and artists have created Harbinger-inspired artwork to give you a taste of Faye’s world (and to generally rub it in that they’ve all read Harbinger and you haven’t!) Let me tell you, in the last few weeks, the art has been coming in and I’ve been blown away. Beautiful, haunting, wonderful pieces! And the whole celebration will be culminating in March with a gallery show and book signing here in LA.

Every Thursday, leading up to Feb. 2, 2012 and beyond…

I’ll be posting the one of these spectacular (and often very creepy) illustrations on the Holbrook Academy website. But you’ll need the password to see the newest picture!

Follow the Path! Each week, a different (and fantastic!) YA book blogger will be hosting the newest username and password on their site.  I’ll be announcing who has that week’s password on the Holbrook Academy Facebook page and on twitter: @HolbrookAcademy. You’ll also be able to see interviews with the artists here on this website.

This Thursday, October 27th, I’ll be kicking-off the whole thing with two Harbinger extras. You’ll get to see the world of Harbinger through the eyes of the very talented artist, Jason Puliti. And a dreamy, creepy portrait of Faye, by the amazing Joan Charles, will be up too… but under lock and key.

So make sure to “like” Holbrook Academy on Facebook or follow me on twitter to get the location of the passwords!

And remember… at Holbrook, we walk the path together!




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